Feria Insular de Artesania

Artesania JT16730
View from car park

Last Saturday we went to the annual craft fair, which is held in the Cheese Museum on the edge of Antigua, below the watchful eye of Betancuria. We avoided Friday as that’s when all the school children go! We arrived just before 11am and for us that was the perfect time. There were a fair number of visitors, but it wasn’t jam packed full. It starts really filling up at about 2pm onwards. It’s held under a couple of big marquees, which was good because it gave shade from the sun, but bad because it became quite hot in there! Next year must remember to take a fan!

Just as we arrived the traditional folk singers were just starting up on the stage, so we sat and listened to them for a while.

There were stalls from all of the other islands attending, and a great variety of crafts on display and for sale. It really reminded me of the sixties, as there was a fair bit of tie-dye, and do you remember those small glass ornaments that used to be very popular? I used to love those, of course all the animal ones were my favourites, but the flowers were beautiful too. There were leather, metal and wood workers, various types of needlework, shoemakers, baskets and hats made out of rushes. It was lovely to see some of the craftsmen at work on their stands.

About half way round we decided to go back to the stage area and listen to the next lot of music that was on. This time a school band were just warming up. Needless to say the area was absolutely packed, presumably with the families of those on stage! Luckily though we just managed to find some seats. I must say that they were really good.

On the way home we stopped at El Artesano for lunch. They were quite busy, but then good bars usually are!, and we just managed to grab a small table for two inside the bar. We decided to have tapas and ordered a selection of 5, which we found a too much and left feeling stuffed!

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