Puerto Lajas

Puerto Lajas 4579

Originally a small fishing village, Puerto Lajas has grown into a typically small, Spanish coastal town. Situated just off the FV-1 and north of Puerto Rosario, the beach tends to be popular with local families, although a few holidaymakers do manage to find their way to this very pretty spot.

There are a few of bars where you can relax with a drink and some delicious tapas. On some nights live music is on.

The beach itself consists of black sand and pebbles.  The sea is generally calm and great for having a relaxing swim. A few small boats are usually tethered just off the coast, and further out you will sometimes see kite and wind surfers. There is also a small yacht club.

A small, simple church lies at the north end of the town, just in front of the sea, while to the south is a traditional windmill.

For those who are energetic enough, there is a lovely coastal track that will take you to Puerto del Rosario, the capital of Fuerteventura.

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