Berthelot’s Pipit

Berthalots Pipit JT18357

The Berthelot’s Pipit (scientific name of Anthus berthelotii) was named after the French naturalist, Sabin Berthelot, who was a resident for a while in Tenerife way back in in 1820. It’s Spanish name is Bisbita Caminero.

A small bird that is an endemic species of the Canary Islands, and is very common on Fuerteventura. They love rocky areas, so you will usually see them along the rugged coastal sections, but they are also common inland on the grasslands. The tropical dry climate of Fuerteventura is ideal for them.

You can’t miss this small pipit, who has an almost upright position, and is extremely active, running and flitting between the rocks. They can often be seen perched on elevated rocks.

They build nests in depressions in ground covered with little vegetation or in the shelter of stone. They breed a couple of times between January and August, and they tend to lay between 3 to 5 eggs.

Their diet consists mainly of insects from the ground, but they will also consume seeds, and we often see finding all the seeds in our garden!

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