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Quick jaunt to Guisguey

Having just moved home and with lots to renovate, we decided that we deserved and needed a quick jaunt out to replenish our batteries. We also wanted to give our new 4×4 an airing on the tracks! Wanting somewhere close, we decided to go up to Guisguey, a village we had not been to.

It’s a small hamlet, with some beautiful villas, a church with a lovely sculpture on the front, and a bar/community centre, which was sadly closed when we went. You can read more about the village here.

After taking a couple of photos of the church, we went on up a steep track to the mirador, which was our main destination. Despite being relatively steep, it seems that the local villagers use this track quite a lot, presumably as a short-cut to El Time. Otherwise the journey would mean going down and along the coast and then back up the FV10; one heck of a way longer!

From there we went on to Felipito El Feo. This is a beautifully laid out area, where families can visit and have BBQs. It was very well kept and there were plenty of pizza ovens and bbq pits in secluded sections, just perfect for a family outing!

We then followed the track onwards, making our way across the top of the hills, climbing even higher to enjoy the view overlooking El Time and Puerto del Rosario. Then making our way down and back home.

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