The Windy Island

Many people ask if it is windy on Fuerteventura.  The brief answer is, “yes, it certainly can be!”.

But, in the summer the wind is very welcoming, otherwise the weather would simply be too hot!  In the winter, however, it can be quite strong and very cool.   We have been up to Betancuria in November and hardly been able to breathe, let alone walk, outside of the Mirador de Morro Velosa!

We are in mid-winter now, and over the last couple of days it has turned quite cold (well for us locals!).  We have had a few light showers of rain and the wind has been increasing.  Today the winds are very strong, and they have closed off a section of the promenade where the waves are extremely high and crashing over the walkway.

We took a trip down to the edge of Caleta to see the waves.  I was quite surprised to see the Armas ferry slowly (and I mean slowly!) making it’s way out.  I would not like to be on that for sure!

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