We have a home!

Our New Home

Can’t believe it! In just three weeks we have found and completed the purchase of our new home!

We started viewing properties on Saturday 25th February.  Our preferred place for a home was in the centre of the island and viewed four properties, 3 in Triquivijate (my preferred village) and 1 on the golf course in Caleta de Fuste (Ian’s preferred place).  Sunday we actually had a well needed day of rest!  Then Monday afternoon we saw several properties on the two golf courses in Caleta, and one in Triquivijate.  The first one we saw on the golf course I have to say that as soon as I stepped through the gate it felt ‘right’, even before going into the property!  Stupid but true!

Tuesday one agent had persuaded us to look further north, and we spent the day viewing properties in Los Risquettes, La Oliva, Lajares, Parque Holandes and Corralejo.  There were a couple of nice properties among them, but nothing that would persuade us to move further north.

Wednesday afternoon we saw one property on the golf course, actually just down the road and identical to the one we had seen on Monday that we liked, and one in Triquivijate.

On Thursday we saw another one up on the golf course and then we had a second viewing of the property that we liked on Monday. On Friday we were taken to view a property in Triquivijate that was only just coming onto the market that day. All we can say about that property is, “WOW!”.   It was amazing.  It had the mountain views that I was after both front and back, a beautiful property, but it was just too big.  It was enormous!  The bathroom alone was bigger than our lounge back in the UK!  Such a shame but it just was not practical for us. So on that Friday we put in an offer on the property we both liked that was on the golf course, stating that we would like to complete by Tuesday 14th March.  On Monday our offer was accepted and it was all systems go!

Carmen Picture

Now, a bit about estate agents!  Since we first decided we wanted to move to Fuerteventura, we have been in touch with just five estate agents. One we contacted by email but dismissed fairly quickly, basically because he wasn’t listening to what we were saying and became quite indignant at our request, and then when we sent another email with a question we received no reply.  Two others were extremely pushy to the point that they said anything to persuade us, and it wasn’t always correct, and one even made it very clear they were not happy we were viewing with other agents.  Two others were extremely nice and very helpful, they were Fuerteventura Residences and Carmen Villazan, whom we purchased through.  Carmen Villazan even gave us a house warming gift of a lovely picture, which is now hanging on our wall.

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