Birthday Boy!

Birthday Boy

Friday 8th June was the final Friday of the Ruta de las Tapas, but we didn’t continue it as it was Ian’s birthday! I won’t embarrass him by giving his age away LOL! The day before it was our friend Marie’s birthday, and next week is my birthday! YIKES three Geminis!

Anyway, after a very pleasant swim in our pool in the morning, we decided to have a trip into town to Little Havana, where we went last Saturday on the Ruta de las Tapas. We loved the sample of tapas that we had and vowed to go there again. Well, they didn’t disappoint! They don’t have a menu as such, but have set tapas at just 1.50€ each, so we ordered the mixed tapas. This consisted of Rib stew, Stuffed red pepper, Cuban meatballs Chicken & chorizo ragu, Argentinian empanadas and an Enfusion fruits & prawns with a chilli kick. To finish off we had a lovely strawberry cocktail! Excuse the half eaten food in the photo, but at least we remembered to take one LOL!

Little Havana

OK, so onwards and upwards, as they say. After resting at home it was quickly time to go to Puerto del Rosario, where we were meeting our friend, Marie, at her favourite restaurant, La Chica del Pomodoro.

What a fabulous meal we had at this restaurant! We started off with the prawns which came on a long stick, covered in angel hair and with a tartar sauce. Oh my that was delicious! We also decided to have the cheesy bread which was gorgeous, but I think we had enough food without that! We then went on to have the steak medallions, which was cooked to perfection. It was with a lovely rich sauce with potatoes and veggies on the side. At the risk of repeating myself; Oh my that was delicious! The staff were great too! We can thoroughly recommend this place. We just wish we lived closer as it means either an expensive taxi ride for us, or Ian can’t have a drink.

My apologies for the poor quality photos, which really do not do the food justice!  My only excuse is that I was simply too eager to tuck in! As usual, click the photos to enlarge!

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