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Cofete, Fuerteventura

Situated in a remote part of the Jandia peninsula, in the south-west of the island, lies the small hamlet of Cofete. It wasn’t that long ago that it was very difficult to get to, and a well kept secret. However, after one of the main scenes of ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’ was filmed there the access track was improved with all the many journeys the crew had to make in order to get themselves and their equipment there.

Along the track and just before you get to Cofete, be sure to stop at the Mirador and catch the stunning view down to Cofete and along the coast. Hang on to your hats though – it’s extremely windy there!

What’s at Cofete?

The whole area is situated within a natural park in the Jandi peninsula . A few stone built and ramshackle private properties make up the hamlet, with most now just being used as second homes. Restaurante Cofete is situated between the houses and the beach, where you can partake of a traditional lunch, or just light refreshments. Being the only restaurant/bar it can get busy at times. The main attactions are the infamous Villa Winter, nestled in the slopes of the mountains a short distance from the hamlet, and the beautiful beaches, along with the tranquil, but wild, beauty of the area. Among the range of mountains towering behind Cofete, is Pico de la Zarza, which, standing at a height of 807m, is the island’s highest peak.

Playa de Cofete & Playa de Barlovento

Along the western coastline in front of Cofete and Villa Winter, stretch the spectacular beaches of Cofete and Barlovento. Over 13kms of glorious fine golden sand, overlooked by the majestic and beautiful mountain range of Jandia. There is no shade at all on this beach, so make sure you take your own!

While nowadays it’s a rare day that you will find yourself totally alone on the first part of the beach, you can simply walk just a bit further along to find complete solitude.

If you are energetic, walk north for about 4kms from the car park on the beach, and you’ll come to El Islote de las Siete Viudas. Sadly I haven’t been able to make the walk myself. Climbing on to the rocks, you get a unique view of the Atlantic Ocean on both sides of you. The walk will take at least an hour to get there, and it’s better to walk when the tide is low so that you can walk on firm sand. Again, there is no shelter or shade, so it is would be sensible to wear protective clothing and a hat, and take plenty of drinking water with you – the sun here is piercing and unforgiving.

Near the car park on the beach is the local cemetary which dates back to the early 19th century; although the last internment was back in 1956.

Swimming and Water Sports

As with most of the western coastline, there are strong currents and high winds. Therefore it is not recommended for swimming or other water sports.

How to Get there

By car from Morro Jable. The track is fairly good all the way, but non 4×4 cars should take it slow and steady! Be aware that hired cars will not be insured for driving off tarmac, although some rental places can increase your cover to allow you to drive on track roads for an additional cost.

Bus. The 4×4 bus that was used by the film company when filming Exodus, now makes the journey from Morro Jable bus station to Cofete and back twice a day. The bus also travels on to Faro de Punta and Puerto de la Cruz. Be warned, it’s rough and bumpy journey!! Click to check the bus times and costs. Be aware though that the bus is not very big and can fill up very quickly.

Jeep safari tour. There at least a couple of jeep safari tours that include Cofete in their excursions.

The Road to Cofete

Driving from Morro Jable to Cofete takes at least 50 minutes. Travelling south through Morro Jable, follow the main road and just before the port, take the right hand turning signposted for Cofete. Follow the windy track for about 32 minutes, when you take a right hand turn, clearly signposted. This leads you up to the Mirador, and then down the otherside to Cofete.

For those that are unsure of taking their car, or simply wish to know what the journey is like, we have recorded the track from Morro Jable to Cofete. Due to the length of the journey, we have split it into 3 videos and also speeded them up a bit! The first stretch is the longest at just under 11 minutes, and takes you from the turning at Morro Jable to where you turn right for Cofete. The second video takes up up to the mirador, which overlooks Cofete and its long stretch of beaches. And finally the third video takes you from there down into Cofete.

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