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The Caves of Los Molinos

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On the west coast the small coastal hamlet of Puertito de los Molinos hides a secret that is only accessible for a few days a year!

For just a couple of days a year in September, when the moon is at a full phase and the tide is at its lowest point, a sandy path is revealed at the southern end of the beach, which leads to a series of caves. Be prepared though as sometimes you might have to wade!

The caves vary in size and formation, from very large to small, but wherever you turn round you will see rocks of fascinating colours – pinks, purples and golds interwoven between various shades of grey.

Check the tidal cycle here. Just scroll down the page and you will get to a time-table. The best is at least -1.3, but you should be able to get there when it’s -1.2, although it will probably not be fully out enough to reveal the path, so be prepared to wade! Remember that those times show are when it is at it’s lowest and just about turn start coming in again, so make sure you get there at least half an hour before the stated time.

As usual, click on the thumbnail to see the photos in full.

The following are photographs taken with a low tide of -1.3, creating a beautiful sandy walk to the caves.

The following are photos taken the low tide was just -1.2, forcing people to wade out to the caves. When wading you must be careful as the land undulates quite a lot.

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