La Pared

Situated on the west coast south of Pajara, you’ll find the small quiet town of La Pared. Apart from a hotel, there are a few apartments, quite a few villas, a supermarket, a restaurant, a bar and a couple of small shops.

La Pared literally means The Wall, and the town was named after the wall that ran from the west coast to the east, separating the two kingdoms, Maxorata (North) and Jandia (South). If you search hard you might even find small sections of the remaining wall!

The main part of the town was built in 1966, when there were great plans for a thriving holiday resort. Unfortunately, those plans did not come to fruit, and the shops meant to line the dual carriageway never materialised.

There are two main beaches; Playa La Pared is the northern most beach, small, with protruding rocks leading down to a dark, gold sand. Just north of that is yet another very small beach and between the two is a flat cliff created from lava flow. This is easily scale-able on foot, and at the top you are rewarded with fabulous views, as well as the cheeky resident Barbary Ground Squirrels.

Playa del Viejo Rey (Old Kings Beach) is the most southern and larger of the two beaches, and is situated within the Natural Park of Jandia. Here you’ll find a beautiful sandy beach to sunbathe on! However, being on the west coast the sea tends to be rough and with undercurrents means, so while it’s great for paddling it is not good for swimming.

Another lava flow jutting out into the sea separates the two beaches. This one is much wider, and you are able to drive your car to the top, where you’ll find a car park.

Above Playa La Pared sits the Bahia La Pared restaurant, which is well worth a visit!

The strong winds and surf mean that La Pared is a haven for wind surfers, and you’ll find some excellent schools there, should you wish to learn.

Being on the west coast you’ll also get some beautiful sunsets!

Just outside the main, more modern, part of the town, lies the cheese factory, Ganaderia La Pared SL. Make sure you pay a visit and purchase some of their lovely cheeses!

The following photos were taken on 28th February 2018, and extremely blustery winter day!

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