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Playa De Jarugo

Playa De Jarugo Route

About a 15 minute drive down a reasonably decent track just south west of Tindaya you’ll find the beautiful beach Playa De Jarugo.

There’s a decent sized ‘car park’, and a short walk through sand dunes to a good size beach, being approximately 230 metres long, of beautiful golden sand. At each end, north and south, are tall cliffs giving shelter to the beach.

Whilst it’s position is fairly remote, it is nevertheless a popular place, and especially on a Sunday when local residents often flock there.

As with all the beaches along the west coast, care must be taken when swimming, and at times other than summer, swimming is dangerous due to strong swells and under currents of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Nudism is not unusual here.

Although Tindaya is within the municipal of La Oliva, and this beach is generally known as ‘Tindaya beach’, it actually comes under the municipality of Puerto del Rosario.

The area to the east and south-east of Playa De Jarugo, is also of historical interest, and just to the south you’ll find Gambuesa de Jarugo.

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