Casas de Felipito El Feo

Driving through Guisguey and towards the end of the village and opposite a ruin, there is a track that goes off to the left. Travelling upwards takes you past the Mirador Guisguey and up higher, where it flattens out into a wide plain.

On the plain, known as Llan del Triguero, they used to grow cereals a long time ago. A short distance along you will find Casas de Felipito, also known as Felipito El Feo. Originally a typical farm house owned by, and named after, Felipe Ruiz González. It is now owned by the Cabildo and has been transformed into a beautiful garden and picnic area for all to enjoy.

The area is described by the Cabildo as, “a characteristic example of the majorero’s struggle against atmospheric agents and the aggressiveness of the island territory, to achieve a sheltered and arable area on a soil occupied by limestone and in a very windy area.”

A wall that was originally built to retain farm animals and also to protect the area from the wind surrounds the finca and it’s gardens. Within the walls are windy footpaths leading in and around planted areas, playground, a boules area, and plenty of secluded sheltered areas with bbqs and even pizza/bread ovens.

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