Dog Shows – Fuerteventura Style – Part 2!

The 16th June was the final day of the annual feaga (agricultural show) in Pozo Negro, and another dog show (click for the dog show day 1). Again, this is only about 15 minutes from us, but the other direction. This is the largest show held in the Canary Islands. In conjunction with this event, the Club Isla de Lobos del Podenco Canario de Fuerteventura held their dog show. The Podenco Canario (Canarian Warren Hound) is a local primitive hound breed, which is popular in Fuerteventura for hunting. Poor Ian had to put up with being dragged to yet another dog show!!

It was supposed to start at 9.45am so we got there early and sat and waited, watching them set up. Obviously they weren’t going to start on time, and a gentleman came over to let us know they were going to start at 10.30, so we went for a wander around the rest of the show. In fact, in true Spanish style, it didn’t start until just gone 11am!!

In contrast to the day before, the judge, Don Iván Pérez Santana, was excellent with the dogs, and didn’t open the jaws once, but merely lifted their lips both sides and front. He then went over their body and moved the dogs twice round the ring, and then again all together. Whilst again, I am not a hound person, I am pleased to say that I managed to pick out all the class winners! When it came to the Best in Show though, it was between 3 dogs for me and I didn’t know enough about the breed to pick one. However, one of those I had picked did win.

Again in contrast to the day before, most of the handlers showed their dogs well. Although there was one gentleman who caused a ruckus and had obviously never been in the ring before. When the judge moved his class exhibits round the ring he merely strolled round, holding those behind him up who then overtook him, with which he was not happy about! He also had a go at the end of the show at the judge and another exhibitor.

After the judging the dogs went back to their ‘benches’ where it was play time for most of them!

The Bardino Majorero were due to be judged is supposedly a short while after the Podencos, however, we didn’t stop to watch them. First of all poor Ian was bored! But also, I wasn’t impressed with the quality of the dogs that were there, who all seems old and overweight. Such a shame, as I do love the breed.

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