The Clocks go Forward!

Sunny Day in Caleta

As I begin to type this, the time is 10.15am, or for those of you who forgot to change your clocks, it’s 9.15am!

The sun is shining, there isn’t a cloud in the sky and the usual wind is just a gentle breeze – it’s going to be hot today! We’re often asked what the weather is like here on Fuerteventura, by people who are coming over for a holiday and hoping for dry hot weather and sunshine! Some holiday makers struck very unlucky the other week, when the island was battered by storms, and suffered thunder and lightening and hail! Yep, very large hailstones that settled and looked like snow! A friend, who has lived here for 17 years, says he can only recall seeing hail here once before, and nothing like this time.

There was a video taken on one of the roads to Antigua, in the centre of the island, that showed huge hailstones on the road and on the land, making it look as though there was snow! Sadly that video disappeared.

Thankfully, we didn’t see any of this where we live, just about 15 minutes away! We had some rain, which was great for the garden! We also heard a fair amount of thunder. One chap said he had lightening strike right outside the front door of his warehouse in Valles de Ortega, which is about 15 minutes away. That weekend was rather chilly, and we had to resort to wearing jeans and a cardigan!

Luckily, this weather is extremely uncommon on Fuerteventura, and it quickly changes back to the kind of weather we expect in here.

Today a pool man is coming to show us how to maintain our swimming pool. Right now it needs a good clean, but hopefully this afternoon we can go for our first swim!

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  1. I love reading these blogs. We want to buy a property in Caleta some time soonish so we can at least semi-retire there. Your blogs are so helpful and really motivate us so please keep them coming!

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