Flamenco Time!

Our first time out since arriving! We had had a leaflet advertising a special fair of April at the Atlantico centre just down the road from us, and in the evening of 2nd April was flamenco! These events are totally free and I have to admit I was a bit unsure as nobody else knew anything about it!

Off we trotted and quickly found the temporary stage set up in the shopping centre. There were very few people watching, which was disappointing for the dancers but good for us as it meant we could take photographs without people getting in the way!

On the way home we timed it just right to catch the sun setting over the mountains, casting an eerie yellow glow.

Anyway, we had dug out our cameras and, just 20 minutes before we were due to go, I found out that all my batteries were dead! ARGH! That’ll teach me for not being prepared! But Ian lent me his spare camera, which luckily we had a full battery for. Unfortunately, the Nikon D5500 has a totally different menu system and setup to my Nikon 7100, and I hadn’t set it up correctly, so my photos weren’t as good as I would have liked them to be. But I hope that you enjoy them nevertheless!

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