Jaunt to Tiscamanita

Today  was hot and quite oppressive due to a heavy calima.  A calima is a hot, dry wind coming straight from the Sahara Desert, bringing dust!  This one was quite bad, with extremely poor visibility over the hills and mountains.  In this photo, taken just leaving Agua de Bueyes, there should be mountains clearly visible on the near horizon, yet you wouldn’t know they were there due to the dust obscuring them!

Tiscamanita 153631674

Took a little trip over to meet up with Debbie (Sylvesters) at her home in Tiscamanita.   Had a lovely few hours there chatting and meeting her dog, cats and kittens, and then, on the way home, decided to stop for lunch at La Amistad, which is situated on the main through road in Tiscamanita.  Had a lovely tapas lunch there, meatballs, tuna and mussels, all of which were delicious!

The video shows our route from the FV-2 through Los Alares, turning left just at the edge of Casillas de Morales, arriving at Agua de Bueyes to the FV-20 and finally arriving in Tiscamanita. In real time that journey took about 20 minutes. Sadly you don’t get the beautiful view of the mountains due to the calima.

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