Kite Festival 2018

Last Thursday (8th November), the annual kite festival began. As usual, the first day was held in El Cotillo, before moving on to Corralejo.  We went to El Cotillo, but sadly somehow I managed to take a wide-angle lens and not my usual zoom, so I was unable to take any decent photographs.  However, I did have my phone on me, and share those photos.

IMG 20181108 124950163

It was a fabulous day out with friends, and ended up at the wonderful Azzurro restaurant for a fabulous meal – we can thoroughly recommend eating there, but do book a table as they can get very busy!

Then, yesterday (Saturday 10th November) we took a trip to the dunes at Corralejo to see the second part of the festival, and this time I made sure I had the correct lens on!   Whilst the weather was good, there were still quite a few clouds about, especially over and around Montana Roja.

Happy to see there were a few different kites to last year, including a flying pig, although sadly that was not flying for long and I didn’t get a chance to take a photo of it!  I loved the man on the flying carpet, even when he crashed as he looked as though he was praying LOL!

One thing that we found very annoying was that a number of people had parked sideways, thus taking up the space of at least two cars!  When it’s so busy traffic-wise this meant a number of cars simply couldn’t find anywhere to park.  Also, be very careful where you park!  A number of cars park on the sand on the opposite side of the road, and we always see cars that are stuck and having to be dug out, even 4x4s!

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