Los Molinos to Tindaya

Los Molinos to Tindaya Route

Yesterday we decided to drive along the coastal track from Los Molinos to Tindaya. It was a lovely morning with clear blue skies, so we knew it was going to be hot!

Arriving at Los Molinos at about 10.45am, we were disappointed to see a few motor homes in the car park. Until this year it was extremely rare to see a motor home on the island, but in the last few months we seem to be inundated with them, and they are nearly always parked where they spoil a beautiful view, obstructing it for other people.

WARNING! If you are renting a car your insurance will not cover you for driving along any non-tarmac road. However, some hire companies can do insurance to cover you for a small extra cost.

Coastal route from Los Molinos to Tindaya

From the car park, we made our way up the track just to the right of the cafe. Part of this section of the track was quite tricky for our car (which is only a small polo!), but being very careful we made it! We certainly would not have risked this track in a hire car!

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We stopped for photos at the top of the hill, overlooking Los Molinos. At the top is a little stone hut, which had obviously been used either for living in or as a temporary shelter at one time, as inside there was wooden cladding on one wall and even the base of an old bed!

On our way again over rough track, but once we met up with the track coming from Las Parcelas it quickly improved. Although it was a nice morning with clear blue sky, there was a distinct haze and the mountains were not clear and crisp.

I have to say that the track didn’t have the best scenery for us, and we didn’t stop the car at all for photographs until we got to Playa Jarugo. Here we stopped on the cliffs just above the beach and ate our picnic that we took with us. Leaving that beautiful spot there were two tracks; we took the left one aiming to go down and round the beach on our way towards Tindaya. Unfortunately, that was the wrong track! Oh, it got us to where we wanted, but it was extremely rough. Had we taken the right hand track it would have taken us up and round on a much better surface! However, our little car survived!

Now, I have a little confession to make; we got lost! The plan was to turn left before reaching Tindaya, and follow that track until a crossroads, whereby we would turn left and end up at La Huesilla. Unfortunately, our map wasn’t very clear on the tracks and we turned left too soon, even though I said we hadn’t gone far enough, and ended up going round in a circle and ending up at Pabellón Para Playa again! I admit that we cut that bit out of our dashcam video! So we decided that we would leave La Huesilla and Esquinzo for another day.

Slow Boat Caleta

We ended the day with dinner at the Slow Boat II in Caleta, where they offer a discount every Wednesday and Saturday. Although they have a buffet, we had been advised to order off the menu, as it was far better and you get to take a doggy bag home! We decided to have the Thai menu for two for a change, but asked if we could swap one of the dishes for crispy beef, which the waitress made a note of. Unfortunately, we didn’t get our crispy beef, but it was very nice anyway so we didn’t bother to say anything. But we were charged full price and told that the discount only applied to the buffet! So next time we will just have the buffet. As usual, I forgot to take photos of all the courses, but do have a photo of when we had finished and what was in our doggy bag to take home for lunch the next day!

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