NIE – Numero de Identidad de Extranjeros

NIE (Numero de Identidad de Extranjeros) is an identification number for non Spanish citizens, that is required for carrying out any legal purpose. For Spanish citizens, the equivalent is the DNI (Documento Nacional de Identidad). The NIE is NOT a residencia but merely an identification number, although this number will also be the number on your TIE.

The sort of activities that require you to have an NIE number are…

  • to purchase a property
  • to open a bank account
  • to work here
  • to pay non-resident tax
  • any other legal activity

Your NIE can be applied for by making an appointment at the National police station, either in person or by a legally authorised person you have granted power of attorney to.

Para Certificados y asignación de NIE
Comisaría Local de Puerto del Rosario
Calle Herbanía Nº 28, 35600
928855931 / 928855932

In order to apply for an NIE, you must have the following…

Once you have submitted your application, you return to the police station 48 hours later to pick your paperwork up. Your NIE is an A4 white paper, issued by the Ministerio del Interior. You must ensure that you keep the original in a safe place. If you need to show the original for any other purpose, ensure that they return the original to you, and not just one of the copies.

Your NIE number is permanent, and will not change throughout your life. It’s a good job to memorise your number, as it will be required for many things, even something as simple as receiving a parcel delivery!

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