The Weather in Fuerteventura


Talking about the weather in Fuerteventura is perhaps the most frequent conversation. One of the most popular questions on all the different Fuerteventura Facebook Groups is, “what’s the weather like on ….” and “do I need a cardi?” The latter is always asked several times a day and has become a standing joke on many of the groups.

It used to be that you can simply say, “oh yes, the weather’s great at that time of year”, or some such similar response. Whilst you could never 100% guarantee the weather, it appears that it is becoming more and more changeable.

When it comes to what clothes to pack there is also the fact that everybody feels temperature differently. In response to, “do I need a cardi?” on Facebook, you get dozens of replies and all are different! You might feel it chilly, while somebody else is just right! My advice, unless it’s July, August or September, is always to pack at least a cardi; if you don’t need it great! but if you do you’ll have it there to wear. After all, it doesn’t take up much room in the bag! But in the colder months I would really suggest long trousers and layers.

This year (2018) has seen some of the worst weather in Fuerteventura for a long time, and the weather for February to at least March was very cold and wet. It is now August, and yesterday morning we had rain! Granted it was only a couple of showers, but nevertheless unusual. Lanzarote apparently had quite a storm!

It’s not unusual for the morning to be cloudy, but break up late morning to reveal beautiful sunshine. Also remember, that even when it is cloudy you will still get burnt! So slap on that high factor sun cream several times a day!

Weatherspark is probably the best page for looking at the average weather, wind and rainfall over the year, and see what may be the best time of year for you.

Fuerteventura really only has two seasons, summer and winter. Summer is May to October, with the height being between July and September. Winter is between November to March.

As a guide, the table below shows the averages of maximum and minimum temperatures, plus the monthly rainfall. Remember that temperatures are taken in the SHADE, so the temperature on the terrace or round the pool will be a lot hotter when in the sun.

MonthMaxMinRain Fall
January19°13° 18mm
February20° 13° 19mm
March21° 14° 11mm
April22° 14° 5mm
May23° 15°1mm
Average temperature in Fuerteventura

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