Restaurant 15, Caleta de Fuste


Last Sunday Ian didn’t feel like cooking a meal, so we decided to go out to one of the local restaurants in Caleta de Fuste, and chose Restaurant 15. We went at about 2.30 in the afternoon. Typical Spanish cafes and restaurants would be busy at this time of day, but being slightly off the beaten track and in a tourist area that caters mainly for the English (who generally eat lunch earlier), we had the restaurant to ourselves! The lady serving us was lovely! She offered us their brunch menu, but also said we could order off their main menu if we preferred, even though they didn’t usually start serving that until much later.

Restaurant15 entrance

You’ll find Restaurant 15 about half way down the main street. You won’t see it from the street as it is down stairs.  Look for The Cave Lounge Cafe and you’ll see the entrance marked Restaurants and Bars to its left. Go through and down the stairs and you will find Restaurant 15 around to the left.

Restaurant15 Menu

Restaurant 15 has an unusual way of doing their menu. In their words, the menu works as a league table of 15 favourite meals. Basically they have a chalk board of 15 meals. Each week the most popular moves to the top and the least popular drops off to be replaced with a new meal. We thought this a very clever way of working.

Anyway, choosing was difficult because they all sounded so gorgeous! But in the end we both decided to go with number 15, which was Bacon wrapped fillets of pork with a mango sauce, goats cheese and peppercorn and Guinness sauce, and was presumably the new dish for that week.

Having got our drinks and ordered our meal, we were given a traditional complimentary tapas of allioli, which looked home-made, and bread.

We had an enjoyable wait for the main course, which was to be expected as they were only set up for serving brunch!  Nevertheless it wasn’t that long, and the chef came out to apologise for the wait!

The main course came and we took our first mouthful.  OMG!  The sauce was absolutely divine!  The whole meal was really delish and I would have no hesitation in recommending this restaurant.

We were really stuffed after eating, but Ian wanted a desert and had a lovely piece of chocolate cake and ice-cream. Excuse the photo but he started to tuck in before I could take it!

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  1. Cannot recommend this restaurant highly enough! Went there at mid-afternoon and they were so accommodating, allowing us to choose off their main menu even though at that time they were only serving brunches. And the food!… From the first mouthful it was, WOW! They may not be the cheapest but they certainly are one of the best!

  2. Thank you for this, I really enjoyed reading your review of 15 as it is one of our favourites to visit when we are in Caleta. I agree, the food here is amazing and Jeff and the staff provide great service. I see they still have my favourite dish at no. 9! Can’t wait to come back later this year.

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