Astronomical Viewpoint of Sicasumbre, Pájara

Just south of the town of Pájara, is this fabulous viewpoint where, on a clear day, you can see for miles.

A rough steep track leads you up to a rest area about half way. The track continues on to the top.

The mirador is known as “Astronomical” for a very good reason; if you’re brave enough on a clear night to tackle the journey in the dark (make sure you have good torches and good footwear!), then the view of the stars and planets is amazing, and it is known to attract astronomers from all round the world.

At approximately 1000 feet above sea level it can be windy and, except in the summer, cool to very cold in the winter when you will definitely need warm clothing, especially when the sun has gone down.

The viewpoint has a number of interesting items available, and you’ll find information panels to help you locate the constellations and provide information on the area. A circular stone wall with entrance, is an outdoor astronomical observatory, along with a sundial and vertical clock. There is also a sculpture by the well known majorero sculptor, Juan Miguel Cubas, depicting two stone goats and a metal stamp of Fuerteventura.

At the top, looking south you view the road and mountains leading to the town of La Pared (The Wall). Looking east you’re looking over Cardon and all the way to Gran Tarajal. North shows you the mountains around Pajara, while west looks over a military base.

Don’t be alarmed if you hear shooting or bombs! It’s not terrorists, just the army practicing!

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