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ok, so perhaps I shouldn’t mention it here, but we found a lovely restaurant. Officially (well, that is Jilly’s official) it is a 5 [sigh] restaurant. OK, so you may well ask, “what is a 5 [sigh]?”. Whenever I love a place, or feel so totally relaxed, I can’t stop sighing! This restaurant gets a 5 out of 5 on that score!

We went down south supposedly to see the kite surfing championships at Sotavento. However, as usual, we left it too late and there was none on! It has all finished early! Anyway, we took a few photos and then decided to move on. A year or two ago we had noticed what promised to be a great viewpoint on the old road, and decided to investigate. Stopping a few times on the way, including going down a REALLY rough track(!), we ended up at the viewpoint. Bit of a disappointment as it was a hazy day. Will probably try again later in the year when there might be bluer skies.

However, off the track and just before the path to the mirador there is the Restaurante Mirador de Sotavento. It was only 1pm but they looked as though they might be open so we stopped. Yep they were indeed open. Lovely friendly waiter served us, speaking perfect English, although we only spoke in Spanish!

We went on through to the terrace. The views deserved more than a 5 [sigh]! It was a very hot day but we sat down on the beautiful terrace enjoying the shade and a lovely cool breeze. Please, if anybody knows of a restaurant with equal, or even better, views in Fuerteventura do let us know!

We just had a few tapas and then Ian had a cheesecake. I tried some and, OMG, it was so delicious! I know I am very bad at remember to take photos of the food!! Too busy enjoying the vista and eating the food!

So, what started as a slightly disappointing day, with no kite surfing acrobatics and a hazy day without blue skies, ended in a fabulous way!

And then, until next year, when we will definitely go at the beginning of the competitions!

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