The Beach Party 2017

Beach Party 2017

A beach party is held every year in Caleta, where they have some fantastic bands playing. Starts at 8.30pm and goes on to at least 3am! Oh, and it’s all free of course! This year it was held on Friday 28th & Saturday 29th July.

Ian and I made it down there on Saturday. Can you believe that that is the first time we have been down to Caleta in the evening??!!! Well, apart from when we first came to the island back in the 1980s. Very difficult to get a parking spot, but we just managed.

Getting their early (about 9.30pm) paid off as we managed to get right at the front.  Barriers were just the right height to support me standing up LOL!

We were only able to stay for the disco (playing some great trance music) and the Queen tribute act before our poor ol’ bodies said “ENOUGH”!  Of course as we were leaving many more were just arriving.

As we were leaving they had a firework display. Unfortunately, my camera was not set up for fireworks and I didn’t have my tripod, but next year we’ll be ready for them!! All I can say is that they were amazing!

Well done to Debbie Edgington and all those involved in setting this up – it was brilliant!

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